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This blog will be about open source tech­nolo­gies I encounter, Big Data (Hadoop ecosys­tem), math­e­mat­ics, BI, Arti­fi­cial Intel­li­gence, Data Sci­ence and the tech­nol­o­gy that has so far earned me bread — .Net

About the author

I want to make things that look beau­ti­ful and work beau­ti­ful­ly. My life is ded­i­cat­ed to learn­ing and I want to make sure that I have no regrets in the future.

I like ani­mals, books, movies, music and vis­it­ing new places. Used to be an inter­net addict but not any­more. Used to be a couch pota­to but not any­more. I believe in liv­ing a sim­ple life and try to clear out all ‘noise’ around me — no extra fur­ni­ture in the house, no extra dig­i­tal gad­gets, no end­less brows­ing on Face­Book, no twit­ter, no noth­ing. Many would not agree with this kind of lifestyle but I have respect for every­one.

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