Triggr and free lunch with Ahti

So got up a lit­tle late on last Sat­ur­day morn­ing and there was this event ‘Trig­gr the Prod­uct’ in sec­tor 65 Noida.…I had pre­vi­ous­ly missed ‘Trig­gr the Web’ and ‘Trig­gr the Mobile’ and I some­how con­soled myself that prob­a­bly they were not good enough. Any­ways, it was to start at 9 in the morn­ing and prob­a­bly it did because by the time we got there it was the first tea break at about 11:30am. Some of the speak­ers had already spo­ken and prob­a­bly left. So we went straight in (Gau­rav and Than­di were there with me as well) and had soft drinks, and chips and sand­wich­es! Good start! Now what?

So let me just give a brief intro to Trig­gr. So Trig­gr is this series of one day tech events done by this Noi­da based start up called Insta­me­dia. They basi­cal­ly invite devel­op­ers and start up guys to inter­act. This way some peo­ple may get some inter­est­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties and the start ups are a giv­en a sort of plat­form to advertise/speak. As for the rest, its all very inter­est­ing tech relat­ed dis­cus­sions hap­pen­ing. So its a beau­ti­ful way for a devel­op­er to spend such a day, say, once in a few months. The thing is that they call real­ly good peo­ple for the stage. And since the invi­ta­tion to this event is by mail invite only, it some­how attracts decent enough crowd, if not the best. But prob­a­bly the crowd that is inter­est­ed in doing some­thing oth­er­wise why would any­one (includ­ing me) would wake up and go to a tech event on a Sat­ur­day morn­ing !!! — the per­son is got to be a techie !

So went down­stairs and grabbed our seats. Up came the next speak­er. He was an IIT grad and had worked in Adobe for sev­er­al years and was now employed with Lava, the new Indi­an mobile com­pa­ny with high ambi­tions. He talked a lot qual­i­ty. And about how the prob­lem of brand­ing Lava as a techie’s prod­uct and not a rur­al india prod­uct was becom­ing a chal­lenge for the com­pa­ny. It re-iter­ates the notion of good adver­tiz­ing as one of the most impor­tant fac­tors for the suc­cess of a prod­uct. Then came up Piyush to speak about his start up Eko — how one will be able to trans­fer mon­ey from one account to anoth­er just by press­ing a keys on the key­pad of the cell phone itself! Bril­liant guy. Tax span­ner guy spoke. Not all speak­ers were good but ya, like, most were excel­lent. It all gave a very deep insight about prod­uct build­ing or even how to build a start up!
And in the end spoke Ahti. Now this the guy who built skype. He was the chief archi­tect at skype! Super guy I must say.

It all gave an insight as to how idea is the sin­gle most impor­tant thing in the begin­ning and not the tech­nol­o­gy or the tech­nique. How impor­tant is it to first build a demo or a sim­ple UI and show to users first before begin­ning the actu­al cod­ing. This gives you the val­ue propo­si­tion as to how much val­ue your prod­uct holds as of now. Its impor­tant to get ear­ly feed­back so that you build the right prod­uct for your tar­get users rather than build first, then keep on improv­ing. Its impor­tant to keep the main thing ‘the main thing’. Do not lose your­self in the side­lines. And its very impor­tant to ship your code fast and to start adver­tiz­ing in all ways pos­si­ble as much as you can right from the first day itself.

So, in all — a super cool expe­ri­ence. Oh and yes, there was free lunch too !!

Came back, strug­gled with Html5 video and final­ly it worked fine. Fall back mech­a­nism is not full proof yet but yes it works!

The thing with this home­page exer­cise is that I will fin­ish come what may. It’s not only a mat­ter of learn­ing html5 or javascript or any­thing. Fin­ish­ing what one starts is a mark of char­ac­ter ! It shows per­sis­tence and the will to go mad if time demands. It shows your true grit!

And any­ways, I have to also cut my beard once this thing goes online! Oh and yes, I also have to fix myself a more beau­ti­ful ver­sion.

By the way — you can view Trig­gr stuff here
And you can read about Ahti here

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