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Making your subdomain respect index.html, index.php, etc.

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I am not sure about you but I faced an issue when I was try­ing to add my resume as a sep­a­rate sub­do­main on my domain. The prob­lem was that when I added the index.html page into the sub­do­main fold­er and tried to browse the site — it just did­n’t work! Although the main site panghal.com also had an index.html and it worked per­fect­ly fine, the sub­do­main was not respect­ing the spe­cial posi­tion that’s to be enjoyed by index.html. After some search­ing on the web I found that I had to mod­i­fy the .htac­cess present in my root. I just added the fol­low­ing line -

Direc­to­ryIn­dex index.html index.php

and then it all worked just fine.